Deadline issue 2 - 31st of august

Yes, we are still busy! The photo deadline will close on the 31st of august 2014, so we got some time left to finalize the last parts of our second issue. 

Make sure to keep those actions coming!

Photo Contest

To do:
Send your best "daytime" photo to and make sure the email-subject contains "Contest". It does not necessarily have to be a graffiti related photo so it can be anything you like, as long as it's crazy, cool, hardcore, nice, but most of all: exclusive. We try to avoid photos which are already published on the internet. If you want us to publish your name with the photo, please make sure to let us know!

And then?:
The deadline is friday the 31th of January.
At this day we will upload all the photos to a "contest" folder on our Facebook page. The photo with the most "likes" on the 7th of February wins 12 Kobra cans (400ml mixed colors) and a free copy of Overrated Magazine #1! 

For special offers and more info about Kobra paint please like

Good Luck!

Second issue

Ok, our first issue is pretty much sold out already. Your local shop might still have them though. If not, you could try to contact one of the suppliers listed in our previous blog post.

In the meantime we start collecting new photos/stories/specials for our next issue. So, make sure to gather all your very exclusive work and send it to!